I help men and women relieve back pain and strengthen muscles, improve posture and increase mobility

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New Client Assessment £35

This is a 1:1 session that has to take place before a client can book on to a programme. This is so our instructor can gather information such as a medical background and the goal for each individual client.

Once a goal has been established Therapy through Pilates will strive to support you to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

Additionally, the session consists of a Posture Analysis so that the Instructor can create sessions that will benefit you as an individual and help you reach your goal quicker.

The client will also be taken through the Basic Principles of STOTT Pilates so that they have more understanding of the exercises and how to get the most from the sessions.

Our Packages

Basic Package

I have niggly aches and pains which keep coming back and I am aware that I have bad posture.

I want to relieve some pain in my back/neck/shoulder whilst toning my body and strengthening my muscles.

I want to feel a change!

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Gold Package

I suffer with back/neck/shoulder pain and I need to do something about it.

I want to gain core strength to protect my back and improve my posture.

I spend most of my day sitting and need to get my body fit again and I want to see a change and have a life free from aches and pains. I want to feel strong, toned and mobile so I can have confidence in my body and movement.

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Deluxe Package

I have an injury or I am in so fed up with my constant aches and pains I just want to change, I want to get great results quickly.

I want support mentally as well as physically and I feel I need to be guided through a transformation! I want to be able to move better and learn what I my body’s limits are so that I join in safely with a class and push myself in a 1:1 environment.

I want to have a strong body with great posture to protect myself from future injury and pain. I want a toned body that feels completely different to how I feel now. I want to feel confident and move freely with no limitations in my day to day life.

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What My Clients Say

Claim your free "How to relieve back pain and strengthen muscles" membership
Click the button below to claim your free membership.